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Bally is one of the main companies that can be found in the fashion system for the creation of luxury accessories and clothing. It was founded in 1851 in Switzerland, by the Bally brothers and still manages to dictate rules of style and elegance. The Bally women’s line is characterized by an elegant styles created through combinations of colors and very clean lines. The Bally archive is really immense so, the taste for shoes and bags is quite vintage with modern and contemporary features. There is no shortage in the Bally collection a wide variety of sneakers of colorful shapes and colors.

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Clayn leather crossbody bag

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Cecyle multicolor leather shoulder bag

€1.095,00 €547,00 -50%

Clayn leather belt bag

€595,00 €297,00 -50%

Maelle leather loafers

€520,00 €260,00 -50%

Maelle leather loafers

€495,00 €247,00 -50%

Janelle leather shoulder bag

€995,00 €497,00 -50%

Sommet tote bag

€1.295,00 €647,00 -50%

Jay leather ankle boots

€620,00 €310,00 -50%

Janesse leather slippers

€520,00 €260,00 -50%