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An original, clever and creative woman. Maybe, a New York gallerist. That’s how Swiss designer Consuelo Castiglioni outlined the figure at the foundations of Italian maison Marni. Among furs and playful prints, the luxury brand, founded in 1994 by Castiglioni herself, got acquainted and appreciated for using a retro colour palette. Making the style created by the great designer unmistakable, the cuts and oversize silhouettes. In 2016, Genoese Francesco Risso – alumnus of the famous London university Central Saint Martins – was appointed ‘Creative Director’ of the Marni collections, succeeding the founder. Among eccentric jewelry, from maxi coats to large and colourful trousers, Risso succeeded in preserving the sense of familiarity that’s always characterized this iconic, Italian reality. In fact, he widened their alphabet writing a new page in their important story. The ‘Trunk Bag’ and ‘Pannier Bag’ in calfskin with a round handle are among the best proposals of Marni.

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Trunk leather shoulder bag, Shoulderbag Marni woman

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