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In February 2016, the two Italian designers Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini founded their brand to express 100% themselves and their style. The success of the brand was immediate because the two designers were the first to spread it on their social networks, especially instagram, and their followers have responded in an important way. Attico is certainly the meeting of the decidedly different styles of the two designers: more eclectic Gilda, while Giorgia more precise. Attico is the Italian word that goes to describe the last floor of a house and the concept starts from an interior story, where a woman stays in her apartment dressed with her decidedly chic room dressing gown. Each item in the collection is dedicated to a different woman and the taste is strongly vintage but reworked in a futuristic style. The garments have a taste of the Seventies, bright colours and rich embroidery. They are designed for women who love not to go unnoticed just like the two designers. Must-have is the dress to tie at home in a dressing gown style.

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Cotton crew-neck T-shirt

New Season

Cotton crop T-shirt

New Season

Ostrich feathers blouse

New Season

Dua python print jeans

New Season

Bianca wool blazer

New Season

Balloon sleeve mini dress

New Season

Satin shirtdress

New Season

Viscose top

£399.00 £159.00 -60%

Paris heeled sandals

£464.00 £232.00 -50%

Off-the-shoulders top

£561.00 £280.00 -50%

Printed twill dress

£922.00 £461.00 -50%

Printed wrap-dress

£1,140.00 £570.00 -50%

Printed wrap-dress

£846.00 £423.00 -50%

Draped corset dress

£1,710.00 £855.00 -50%

Leather trousers

£1,520.00 £760.00 -50%

High-rise skinny jeans

£608.00 £304.00 -50%

Leather pointy-toe slingback

£565.00 £339.00 -40%

Betta leather boots

£1,228.00 £736.00 -40%

Sequined dress

£1,182.00 £709.00 -40%

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