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Hats, tailor-made suits, nylon backpacks and fanny packs: that of Prada is, to say the least, a unique and unmistakable style. After all, those are but a few elements of many that identifying the maison founded in 1913 by Mario and Martino Prada. Originally known as ‘Fratelli Prada’, this historic Italian reality became appreciated for the leather bags and travel accessories sold by the iconic boutique located in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. In 1919, Prada eventually became one of the official suppliers of the Royal House of Savoy. Later on, Maria Bianchi, one of the nieces of the founders, became the owner of the company, which she has been part since 1971. Collection after collection, Maria, better known as Miuccia Prada, relaunched the maison, introducing the ‘ugly-chic’ aesthetic. It was in 1993 that she presented the first menswear collection, writing a new chapter of the Prada story.

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