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ORGANIZED BY TheCorner.Com Tony S.r.l.

TheCorner.com Tony S.r.l. - with headquarters in Milan at Via Carducci, 32, intends to launch an initiative with the aim of rewarding the creation and production of photographs in the form of SELFIE, PHOTO OR ARTWORK related to the theme "#ILOVEMYJOB" (specified below) and to reward the authors. Participation in the Initiative is subject to these Regulations. Acceptance of these Rules is necessary for participation in the Initiative.


1. Period of participation in the Initiative and deadline for carrying out the Activities
Participation in the initiative will take place from 1 April 2020 until 8 April 2020 on the Instagram platform.

2. Subjects eligible to participate in the Initiative
Participation in the initiative is open to persons of legal age at the start of the contest who are already or will become legal during the course of the initiative, followers of the channel Instagram thecornerdotcom_, owned by the promoting company.

It is specified that only users who have already subscribed to Instagram on the date of the contest can participate in the contest. The promoter reserves the right to ask participants, at any time during the prize-giving event, for proof of their subscription to social networks before the start date of the contest or will proceed independently to acquire proof in this sense. If proof is not provided or cannot be obtained independently, the participant will be excluded.
Please note that the Instagram profile must be public for participation.
Please note that:
In case of anomalous recordings (duplicate, fictitious, untrue names) will not be taken into account for the contest and these recordings will be cancelled;

3. Terms and conditions of participation
3.1 Implementation of the initiative

During the period provided for by these regulations, the Promoting Company will invite through the contact methods already in use and authorized (newsletter, email, social network) the recipients of the contest who are not already followers of the Instagram thecornerdotcom_ channel.
To participate in the contest, participants will be invited to take a selfie and post it on their Instagram profile. This selfie must be representative of the #ILOVEMYJOB theme and should best express how the participant interprets his/her work at this particular time. Each participant can present only one photo shoot (selfie, photo, artwork) and share it on his/her Instagram profile with #ilovemyjob.
The shot will be posted on their social channels with #ILOVEMYJOB and @thecornerdotcom_.
The selfie, photo or artwork should then be sent to the following email address: ilovemyjob@thecorner.com
Upon sending the email each participant will receive a 25% discount code on their next purchase from TheCorner.com.
The three photos or selfie or artwork considered most significant and most in line with the theme of the Contest will be awarded as recognition of personal merit by a quality jury chosen by TheCorner.com according to the methods indicated in point 6 and will be entitled to a store credit of Euro 500.00.

3.2 Clauses

- Each participant, by sharing his or her own selfie, photo or artwork, will guarantee that he or she owns the copyright of the same, relieving the Promoting Company from any third party contestation and that the image is unpublished; he or she will also authorize the Promoting Company to use the image for the purposes of communicating the contest, possibly including the promotion on social networks, as well as for any advertising and future communications without claiming anything.
- More specifically, by participating in the contest, the author definitively assigns to TheCorner.Com Tony S.r.l., free of charge, all patrimonial rights and rights to use the images on all means of communication both off-line and on-line in Italy and abroad (present and/or future) for any promotional and divulgation purposes related to his activity, also for commercial purposes.
- Please note that photomontages, double exposures, solarization, filters or digital manipulations will not be allowed, except for slight color corrections, contrast or exposure, under penalty of exclusion from the contest. Participants will guarantee under their own responsibility that the entire production and post-production phase has been carried out directly by the candidate.
- It is also specified that participants must guarantee that nothing sent is contrary to the law, by way of example, but not limited to, the content of the selfie, photos or illustrative creations is not obscene, defamatory, blasphemous, racist, child pornographic or in violation of intellectual property rights, moral rights, copyright or rights of protection of personal data of third parties, publication rights and in general respects the provisions of the Law on Copyright (Law April 22, 1941 n. 633) and subsequent amendments. They must also guarantee that they have obtained all consents and releases for the use and dissemination of the material sent by any other persons involved, and that therefore the reproduction by the Promoting Company will not involve the violation of third party rights.
The material will be viewed in advance by the Promoting Company or by a third party appointed by it to manage the initiative, which will eliminate the photographs and sentences that do not comply with the above points or that are not representative of the theme of the initiative. The decisions of the Promoter Companies with regard to the above are indisputable and incontrovertible.

4. Jury of quality

At the end of the participation period and in any case no later than April 16, 2020 a quality jury will evaluate the selfie or photos or artwork most in line with the objective of the contest and will be entitled to receive the fees referred to in point 6 of these regulations, which will represent the consideration for making the selfie considered most in line with the purpose of the contest and the #ILOVEMYJOB theme.
The jury will be composed of no. 3 experts in the sector and/or representatives of the Promoter Company or persons appointed by them.

The judgements expressed by the jury will be based on the following parameters/concepts:
1) Relevance to the theme of the contest;
2) creativity (the most original, the most positive, the most cheerful);
3) image quality

Each juror will express, for each evaluation parameter, a grade between 0 and 5. The total sum of the votes will be the final score obtained by each photo.
The awarding of awards will be determined exclusively by the judgement expressed by the titled jury; the decisions of the jury are unquestionable and incontrovertible.
Participation in the contest implies the acceptance of each part of the rules without any reservation. Any attempt at fraud and any inaccurate or false declaration implies immediate disqualification. It is strictly forbidden to modify or attempt to modify the provisions relating to the contest, in particular the methods and elements determining its success. The Organizing Body reserves the right to take legal proceedings against anyone who does not comply with these rules or has engaged in fraud or attempted fraud.
Contact of the selected subjects:
The selected persons will be informed via private message on Instagram and will have to reply with the required documentation (copy of valid identity document, complete personal data, telephone number and valid e-mail address) within 10 days from the date of winning communication.

In case of
0 Lower age of the selected person;
1 Failure or delay in sending the required documents by the specified deadline;
the selected person will not be able to receive the store credit and the next person will be contacted in order of ranking determined by the votes of the jurors.

5. Recognitions

The three selfie, or photos or illustrative creations that will have received the highest scores from the Jury will be awarded:
- a store credit of Euro 500,00 each to make purchases on our sales channels TheCorner.com.
-at the unquestionable judgement of the TheCorner.Com Tony S.r.l. team, the best shots will be published in the Instagram profile of the company itself.

6. Statements

TheCorner.com Tony S.r.l. states that:
- Will keep regular records of the names of users who have taken part to the initiative.
- The collection of personal data will comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 2018 and Legislative Decree 101/2018).
- The data and images collected will be processed by the Promoter Company or by one or more of them.
third parties you have appointed to manage the initiative.
- The regulations will be available at TheCorner.com Tony S.r.l., Milano Via Carducci, 32.
- By accepting this policy, the participant explicitly authorizes the publication of his/her photo shoot and acknowledges and declares that he/she has no consideration for such publication; all materials sent will not be returned.
- Participation in this initiative implies recognition by the Promoter Company to publish and use at its own discretion all contributions sent in any form and manner, including for advertising purposes, without additional costs and charges;
- The Promoter Company, upon receipt of each photo shoot, will be in possession of all rights to the same in order to publish them on any Internet site and social media decided. The participant will have nothing else to claim;
- Participation in the initiative in question implies acceptance of every part of the policy without reservation. Any attempt at fraud and any inaccurate or false declaration implies immediate exclusion from the initiative.

According to art. 1, paragraph 1, of the D.P.R. 430/2001 "competitions and prize operations of any kind, consisting of promises of prizes to the public aimed at favouring, in the territory of the State, the knowledge of products, services, companies, signs or brands or the sale of certain products or the provision of services, having, in any case, even partly commercial purposes, are carried out under the conditions and in the manner set out in this title.
It is therefore specified that the event in question does not fall within the scope of application of Presidential Decree 430/2001. The initiative, in fact, does not aim in any way to promote products, services, commercial images; its main purpose is the desire to reward the authors of the best photographs whose contents express in an effective and synthetic way, the vision of the participant on the concept of passion and love for their work.

7. Promotion

The promoter will advertise the contest on its own digital properties and on digital and non-digital media and in various other forms in accordance with the Implementing Regulations and always in compliance with the provisions of the Governing Laws. Dr. Vittorio Chalon
As pro tempore legal representative of TheCorner.Com Tony S.r.l.



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