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The most famous Argentine in the fashion system is certainly Marcelo Burlon. Starting from being the bouncer of a famous Milanese club and eventually claiming that the famous city of Milan truly gave him everything, in 2012 he founded his brand: Marcelo Burlon County of Milan. Beginning with some very cool T-shirt prints around the neck with snakes, birds and other animals, today County of Milan is a total streetwear look. From sweatshirts to ponchos, even smartphone cases to sneakers, it has decisively established itself in the market. In each collection his origins are always present to show the world that although no one knows what can happen in the future, we all know we always have our origins and roots.

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Printed sweatpants

€430,00 €215,00 -50%

Denim jacket

€765,00 €382,00 -50%

Cotton hoodie

€515,00 €257,00 -50%

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