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Elbio Bonsaglio

From model to entrepreneur, going through the world of social networks. For sure, a boy who doesn’t waste any time and knows exactly what he wants in life. Elbio Bonsaglio tells TheCornerZine about himself and he explains what really happens at the Burning Man.

Regardless of the profession of model, entrepreneur and influencer, who’s Elbio Bonsaglio? Would you be able to describe yourself?

I’m half Italian, half Argentinian. I have a degree in Economics. I’ve always worked in fashion, of which I like the creativity and its unique dynamics. I really like to travel and get to know a lot of people and different cultures. I’m engaged to Marta, who I will marry in August, at the Burning Man. I really like techno music, Vasco Rossi, to sit around a table with my friends, who I love a lot…and I adore boxing.

What has going from model to entrepreneur been like?

It’s been a quite natural progression, I have to say. Throughout my modeling career, I’ve always been clear in my own mind and I’ve always known that was only a stopover to get where I am now. I tried to ‘steal’ and learn as much as possible from who had already embarked on this journey with success.

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"I have more than 30 tattoos and I’ve been having myself tattooed since I was 18. On my skin, there’s my story, from when I turned 18 to today. And, of course, the story goes on."

What’s the memory from your modeling career you remember with pleasure? And from your entrepreneur career?

From my modeling career, I remember with pleasure the first ‘important’ works, the adv campaigns and the fashion shows. They mean you have, in a way or another, succeeded in the industry. For the same reason, as entrepreneur, the entrance to the first important retailers (Selfridges, Harrod’s, Saks, Antonioli…) and the first celebrities to wear the brand (Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Chris Brown etc.).

Half Italian, half Argentinian. What are the characteristics of these different cultures that better represent you?

Italians and Argentinians are very similar. These people are friendly and cheerful, loud, not attentive to perfection or methodical but rather eccentric and quirky. I think I’m a mix of all those things.

On the web, you can often find fake or very superficial news, with untrue contents or contents that aren’t verified. Do you think you have responsibility for what you post on your social networks? How much superficiality is there in the world of the influencers?

These social networks, just like fashion, are means of communication, of expression. I like to tell about myself, my passions and my way of thinking, without ever overstepping. If you ‘influence’, you have responsibility. The fact is that I don’t consider myself an influencer. That being said, I’ll always try to send a conscious and responsible message on social media but mostly in the everyday life.

You recently founded the new brand ‘Kids of Broken Future’ with your fiancée Marta. Can you explain what kind of message and product you want to communicate?

KOBF is a streetwear brand with a very contemporary aesthetic and volumes. It will be purchasable online only and it addresses a young and ‘digitalised’ public. The brand starts from a social criticism: many experts foresee that, in 20 or 30 years, our planet will have been undergoing irreparable damages. From global warming to the extinction of many animal species, with the pollution being off the charts and many other tragic consequences of the attitude that our society has been having since the start of the industrialization process. We can’t get mad at the daily news and do nothing. We think each one of us should try and have a more responsible attitude. As we have the ambition to create a community and influence young people, we’d like to send a conscious message. We’ll have a very strong and irreverent aesthetic, to move our audience and underline our displeasure. Starting from the first day, we’ll collaborate with 2 charities, one in Cambodia and the other in Brazil. We’ll use organic cottons and prints, and we’ll do our best to produce garments in a sustainable way.

Speaking of the Burning Man, can you tell us how did you find this passion and what happens there?

The Burning Man is a wonderful place. The idea is to share, so everything you bring with you to the desert belongs to everyone. There’s no money in Black Rock City. Many think there’s barter, but it’s not like that. You don’t exchange anything, you give and receive gifts. When a person arrives at the Burning Man for the first time, he or she really tries to be more kind and generous with everyone. After a little while, everyone realizes that attitude requires no effort, as it’s the most satisfying thing on the world. Making others feel good, living with love is amazing. At the Burning Man, hand shakes don’t exist, but just hugs. Everyone’s the best version of themselves to live, for a week, a utopia made reality. My girlfriend and I will be getting married this year at the Burning Man. On a Tuesday, in the open desert, in what the ‘burners’ call ‘la playa’.

Through your Instagram profile, I noticed you really love to box. How did you find this passion? And what do you particularly like about it?

Yes, I actually like boxing a lot. I found this passion when I was a teenager. On a physical level, it’s a very tough sport, so I find the training amazing. Moreover, it’s a technical and strategic sport. In the end it’s not for everyone, you need courage to get in the ring, a quite ancestral courage, that’s not that appreciated by today’s society. On the contrary, I find it wonderful.

Do you have a style icon?

I don’t know. Through my brands, in the way I communicate, I always try to adopt a very innovative and contemporary approach. This means having to break with the past, so I can hardly imagine a man from the past wearing my pieces. Obviously, there are many different style icons that I appreciate: Gianni Agnelli, Slash, Kurt Cobain, Sid Vicious and more.

You particularly love to travel. What’s the city of the world you have to visit at least once in your life?

Whitehaven Beach in Australia and the Burning man. Then, of course, the most beautiful thing about traveling is discovering how every culture is different and unique.

Speaking of tattoos. How many do you have? How many do you want ? Can you tell me about a peculiar event linked to the creation of one of your tattoos?

I have more than 30 tattoos and I’ve been having myself tattooed since I was 18 years old, that is when I could finally start (as my parents didn’t want me to get any tattoos). Since then, I’ve never stopped: travels, experiences, friendships, relationships, successes and failures. On my skin, there’s my story, from when I turned 18 to…today. And, of course, the story goes on.

If you had to describe your style in a world, what would you say? What are the garments you wouldn’t be able to part with, the must-haves of your wardrobe?

I like to change. My style is versatile, it’s not predefined. Accessories are very important for me, details make a big difference.

Make a wish.

I’d like 2019 to be a turning point for me, both on a personal and on a professional level.

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