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Michela D'Angelo

She defines herself as passionate, impatient and generous. Michela D'Angelo is one of the most interesting web stars of the moment. She has walked for brands such as Marc Jacobs and Valentino and today she is dedicated to consulting in the fashion world. Let's find out together what were the most interesting moments of his career and of course her style tips exclusively for

You are originally from Rome. How important are your origins? What do you like and do not like about your city?

Before knowing where to go you need to know where you come from and never forget it. Rome is chaos and beauty and above all it is my city. It's my home where I should definitely come back more often.

What would you recommend to visit a person who has never been there?

To get lost in the streets of Monti, my neighborhood of the heart.

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I had many beautiful experiences but the most significant experience was that of Valentino: I learned so much about life, fashion, dedication and love behind so much wonder.

The modeling career. Can you talk to us about how it was started? What was the most beautiful experience you had?

I started very early in Rome where I was the Valentino model fit for three years, from there I went to New York and so I arrived at the Paris fashion shows. I had many beautiful experiences but the most significant experience was that of Valentino: I learned so much about life, fashion, dedication and love behind so much wonder. Then definitely working with Katie Grand and Anita Bitton for Marc Jacobs was a wonderful experience and from which I learned so much.

How would you define your look? Are there any clothes that can not be missing in your wardrobe?

The masculine that meets the feminine, a middle way between comfort and elegance. Jeans and blazers are the two essential elements

Do you recommend a trend for the SS19? There is a designer who is to keep an eye on this moment as particularly interesting?

I would say the “tie dye” trend. As for the designers I'm following with great interest I would say: Khaite, Marina Moscone, Rejina Pyo, Rosetta Getty

Your instagram profile has almost 80K followers. What is your relationship with the social networks?

It amuses me and inspires me deeply, but I try not to be obsessed with it cutting it out at times like dinner and breakfast where I like to talk to those around me.

Your relationship with followers? Have you ever received messages from Cyberbulli? How did you deal with it? What was the comment that made you more pleasure to receive?

Fortunately it never happened to me but I think I would have ignored it. The most beautiful compliment? Many but perhaps that of never being vulgar.

From your instagram we can see that there are not only posts related to fashion: art is a dominant topic. Can you explain how this passion is born? What is your favorite contemporary artist?

I learned about art from fashion, it is fundamental in any research process and of considerable inspiration in the construction of a collection. From there I fell in love and I do continuous research, including galleries and books. My favorite artists are Morris Louis, Helen Frankenthaler, Chad Kouri, Michael Dotson, Cerith Wyn Evans, Sophie Calle, Rothko and Hirst.

What was the most beautiful place you visited? And what you would like to visit soon?

The most beautiful journey in Cambodia while what I would like to do in Peru

If you had not been a 'Fashion Consultant', what would you have become? What was your childhood dream?

I wanted to be an archaeologist, maybe that one.

What is the aspect of your work that you adore and what you like the least?

I adore that I do a job that I really like, I hate divism In general in every environment.

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If I say it, it does not come true!

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