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Federico Spinas

Federico Spinas simply isn’t a model like any other. He’s a boy whose philosophy of life is: ‘If you really believe in something, you can really make it happen’. All the way from Sardinia, he walks down the catwalk for the best fashion houses and unveils the ins and outs of the most talked about kiss of the past year to TheCornerZine.

Can you tell us how your career got started?

When I was 16 years old, I tried to get represented by some modeling agencies, but it didn’t work out. I was very disappointed and so I decided to go back to Sardinia and get my degree. After earning a high school diploma, in an act of rebellion, I shaved my head and gave it a go again. Full of hope and dreams, I did go back to Milan, with 200€ in my pocket and a lot of self-confidence. That’s how I got spotted by a very important, Milan-based Fashion Editor, who made my first editorial shooting happen. Two months later I was, for the first time, at fashion week and it went great, better than expected.

When did you realize things were really working out?

When I was confirmed for the D&G adv campaign with the top model Bianca Balti. I was the only Italian guy!

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I’ve never refused to wear anything. I think our work is about making any garment salable, in spite of how crazy or strange a garment can be.

You never forget your first. Last year, you were on one of the most talked about covers ever. Vogue Italia - Il bacio Issue. You were with Mariacarla Boscono. How was it?

To me, it represents the best revenge of my life. It had never happened that an Italian boy was photographed for the cover shoot of Vogue Italia. I think having done it, for the September issue, with Mariacarla is enough to describe how important it may have been not only for my career but also for the Italian fashion system.

What’s the shooting you remember with great pleasure? Any peculiar event that, on set, has occurred to you?

The first time I was on a set for Vogue Hommes with Alasdair McLellan, that’s one of the shootings I’ll never forget! I decided to skip Paris Fashion Week, as it was my first time being photographed for Vogue. When I got on the set, an assistant asked me if I was a model or a member of the team: It was funny, really funny!

What’s the most exciting show you have worked for? Have you ever refused to wear anything or you’re always super professional?

For sure, the Vivienne Westwood show in London! I opened it and I have to say being part of such a casting has truly been stimulating! I’ve never refused to wear anything. I think our work is about making any garment salable, in spite of how crazy or strange a garment can be. My work is to make it mine and feel completely at ease, like a chameleon adapts to the surrounding environment!

Being a model, you travel a lot. What’s your travel outfit?

I prefer traveling in cozy and comfy outfits, but I always try and stay true to my style! For example, a coat, a sweatshirt and a pair of baggy trousers! The most simple things, they always work!

Speaking of travels, what’s the most beautiful place you’ve seen?

Among all the trips I’ve taken, Morocco will always have a place in my heart. I love its culture, its food and, overall, its breath-taking landscapes. Another impressive destination is Sarajevo. I recently went there to receive a Fashion Award for Versace and it was the first time I brought my mum with me. The best thing about my job is being able to share beautiful moments, like that one, with the people I love.

Which piece of advice would you give to a boy who really wants to pursue a career in modeling?

Don’t take this job too seriously and don’t be as stubborn as I am. At the end, it’s all a matter of destiny! As for me, I think it was in my DNA.

Besides the shootings and fashion shows, you surely do a lot of castings. What’s your attitude in a casting like? Do you have a trick for attracting clients? What’s your 'casting look’?

To be honest, in the last few years, I’ve only been doing a few castings, that are selected with my agent Ruggero from Elite Model Milano. You have to know how to catch, in a few seconds, the attention of someone who knows almost nothing about you. I always try to be myself in the way I act, I walk and I dress…

How important are social networks for you? Do you like them?

The social networks, and especially Instagram, have become a fundamental part of my work. I was lucky as I understood it straight away. In fact, I’ve been building my social media presence since the very first day. I have to say that, in a lot of situations, they’ve helped me a lot, even though it’s nice to have a break and live without them sometimes.

In spite of the years and experience, what do you feel when you walk down the catwalk at fashion week?

That’s the feeling I prefer. I love fashion week, it’s a little bit like being a rockstar for a few weeks! Even though I’ve walked in a lot of shows, the sensations you perceive when you’re about to leave the backstage and walk down the catwalk is just inexplicable!

If you weren’t a model, what would you be?

I answer in the same way I would have answered 5 years ago: astronaut, NBA player, pro surfer or musician. Life’s beautiful, because if you really believe in something, you can really make it happen.

Perhaps, not everyone knows you’ve studied, for 4 years, at a conservatory. Can you tell us about this experience, your relationship with music and your musical tastes?

In my life, music is of vital importance. Who knows me can tell you I live with my headphones on. For a while, I’ve been thinking about establishing a partnership with Monster Beats as I was into changing my headphones many times a year. I’ve studied classical music for 4 years. Back then, I used to play the clarinet and saxophone. When I was in high school, I started producing house music with my best friend. We got featured, on BBC Radio 1, with Robin Schulz and played at 3 festivals. If you really believe in it, you can make anything happen in your life. You don’t need money or help, you just need creativity and, overall, a lot of personality! At the moment, I listen to a lot of hip hop and trap music, but I don’t disdain rock or disco music.

Any projects for the future?

For sure, I want to keep on dreaming big and traveling all around the world for the rest of my life. I launched a small business with my brother and it’s going very well. Moreover, I’d like to have a contract with a major brand. One more thing I dream of is being able to open a foundation to help kids who can’t afford to practice any sport or cultivate their passions, I’d like to give at least some of the luck I had in the past to others.

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